OPR Dissertations

This is a list of OPR dissertations since 1951. The titles marked with link are links to a dissertation abstract, often with an option to access the full text in PDF format. For some recent dissertations the full text is available via Princeton's DSpace. In other cases the student has opted for open access via PQDT Open. For still others the full text is available via ProQuest and you wll be able to download it if your institution subscribes to this service. In all cases the link takes you to the best option available. In addition, all dissertations are available as part of the Ansley J. Coale collection in the Stokes library.

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  • 2015

Kristin Bietsch
Men and Contraception in sub-Saharan Africa.

Laura B. Nolan
Three Essays on Child Health and Economic Wellbeing in Four Developing Countries.

Takudzwa Sayi
Relationship between Marriage and Fertility Changes in Six sub-Saharan African Counties.