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The Notestein Seminar Series

An integral part of the research and training program at OPR is the series of weekly seminars, which provide a forum in which OPR staff, students, and visiting scholars can become acquainted with current research projects. Students who are writing theses are required to present a seminar in this series in order to receive suggestions on their research and to obtain experience in making public presentations. Demographers and social scientists from nearby institutions are frequently invited to present their research findings in this series.

Seminar Schedule for

September 17 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Paula England, Professor of Sociology, New York University. The Longterm Trend in Premarital Births Across US Cohorts Born 1920-1965: Is it Explained by Sex or the Economy? Paper available here. Screencast available
September 24 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Douglas Massey, James Trussell, Princeton University. Three Mini Seminars on Current OPR Faculty Research.
October 1 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Naomi Sugie, PhD Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University. Going it Alone? A Smartphone Study of Social Connectivity and Job Searching After Prison.
October 8 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Alejandro Portes, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University. The Second Generation in Spain: A Longitudinal Study. Screencast available
October 15 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Mary Brinton, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University. Gender Essentialism and Low Fertility in Postindustrial Societies. Orita-McCosh Lectureship.
October 22 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Patrick Sharkey, Associate Professor of Sociology, New York University. The Effect of Community Violence on Children's Cognitive Skills and Academic Performance.
October 29 (Tue) Noon
Fall Recess.
November 5 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Jessica Yiu, PhD Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University. Tiger Children in Old and New Immigrant Destinations: The Divergent Educational Experiences of Chinese Immigrant Youth in Spain, Italy and the U.S.
November 12 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Marcia Castro, Associate Professor of Demography, Harvard University. Infant Mortality Decline in Brazil: A Spatio-temporal Analysis.
November 19 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Neil Mehta, Assistant Professor of Global Health, Emory University. Obesity and Mortality: Challenges and Evidence.
November 26 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Diana Green Foster, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, University of California, San Francisco. The Effect of Receiving versus Being Denied a Wanted Abortion on Women’s Health and Wellbeing.
December 3 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
Martha Bailey, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Michigan. Fifty Years of Family Planning: New Lessons on Short and Long-Run Effects of Increasing Access to Contraception.
December 10 (Tue) Noon • 300 Wallace Hall
John Wilmoth, Director Population Division, United Nations & Professor of Demography, University of California, Berkeley. Trends in International Migration and the Current Discussion of Migration Issues at the United Nations.

Attendance at the seminars is restricted to faculty, fellows and students.

Frank W. Notestein

Frank Wallace Notestein (1902 - 1983) was the founding director of the Office of Population Research. He was director of the Population Division of the United Nations between 1946 and 1948, and became president of the Population Council in 1959.

The Memorial Fund

In March 1983, the Frank W. Notestein Memorial Fund was established with the purpose of bringing distinguished outside speakers to OPR on a more regular basis.

These lecturers usually spend several hours in informal discussion with students and post-doctoral fellows.

From time to time OPR holds joint seminars with the labor economists and development economists, with the goal of creating intellectual bridges with these groups.

Seminar Archive

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