The following description of this survey appeared in the 1991 edition of ``Dynamic Database: A Catalogue of Survey Data Files'', Voorburg: International Statistical Institute

Basic Information

  • Name of survey: In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I)
  • Executive agency: State Statistical Bureau
  • Date of fieldwork: 1985
  • Universe: Ever-married women, 15-49
  • Coverage: Province, 100%
  • Size: 5080
  • Weights: Self-weighting
  • Contents: Complete pregnancy, marriage and contraceptive histories + socio-economic background and attitudinal data
  • Supplementary surveys: Household members (n = 28,321, self-weighting) Community (n = 240 rural production brigades)


Hebei province comprises the North China Plain and the West and North Hebei mountain areas. In the east it borders the Bohai Sea. It is a typical province of North China with a population of over 53 million in 1982. Abundant in important mineral resources (such as coal, iron and oil) it is relatively developed with an output of about 775 yuan per capita in 1984. The population is predominantly rural.