The following description of this survey appeared in the 1991 edition of ``Dynamic Database: A Catalogue of Survey Data Files'', Voorburg: International Statistical Institute

Basic Information

  • Name of survey: In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I)
  • Executive agency: State Statistical Bureau
  • Date of fieldwork: 1985
  • Universe: Ever-married women, 15-49
  • Coverage: Province, 100%
  • Size: 4084
  • Weights: Self-weighting
  • Contents: Complete pregnancy, marriage and contraceptive histories + socio-economic background and attitudinal data
  • Supplementary surveys: Household members (n = 24205, self-weighting) Community (n = 172 rural production brigades)


Situated in the middle part of China, Shaanxi Province comprises the the Qinba hilly area of West Shaanxi, the Central Shaanxi Plain and the loess plateau. It is a typical inland province of China with a population of over 28 million in 1982. It was the most economically developed part of northwest China at the time of the survey, with rich coal fields and mineral deposits. The "four hundred li long Chinchuan river basin" is a particularly well-endowed agricultural area. The output per capita was about 680 yuan. The population was predominantly rural.