In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase II)

The six surveys of Phase II were conducted in

Sampling Frame and Interview Procedure

The principal sampling method employed was a stratified multi-stage sample selected systematically with probability proportional to population size. At the last stage, within ultimate sampling units, households were selected with probabilities such that an equal probability (self-weighting) sample was obtained within each province or municipality.

Primary sampling units were chosen by the Department of Population Statistics of the State Statistics Bureau and the five provincial and one municipal statistical bureaus. Later stages of selection were done at the provincial/municipal level. PSUs of "self-representing strata" in Gansu, Guangdong, Guizhou, Liaoning, and Shandong, and PSUs in Beijing consisted of street committees, towns or townships. PSUs of other strata consisted of counties, cities or districts.

The surveys employed three types of questionnaires to collect information at three levels, namely communities, households, and, finally, individual women.

The community questionnaire was administered by field supervisors to all communities (village level) in the sample. It includes 23 questions on conditions of production, income, public facilities, transportation, education, health care and family planning services at the community level.

Next, the household schedule was applied to each household in the sample. It enumerated the population living in households, demographic characteristics such as age, sex and marital status, and some economic characteristics such as housing conditions, cash income and possession of certain durable goods. The household schedule identified ever-married women in households who were eligible for the detailed individual interview.

Finally, the individual questionnaire was used to interview eligible women aged below 50 in detail on their background, marriage and pregnancy histories, fertility preferences and contraceptive use.

Data Format

A recode file and a household members file, similar to the WFS files, have been created from the individual and household raw data files. The household member file is not available at OPR at the present time.

Key References

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