Hebei In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I) , 1985


detailed description of the Hebei In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I) is available here.


The State Statistical Bureau of the People's Republic of China has given us permission to distribute the data for use in academic research provided that a signed Permission Form is filed with them. A copy of the Permission Form is included in the zipped data archive. Please fill it out immediately and return it to:

Mr. Sun Huaiyang, Director
Dept. of Population and Employment Statistics
State Statistical Bureau
38 Yuetan Nanjie
People's Republic of China

Until a confirmation of the permission is received by the researcher, no results of research using the data may be published. Credit must be given to the State Statistical Bureau in any publication using the research. Finally, two copies of any published results of research must be mailed to the State Statistical Bureau at the above address.

The data are in a rectangular format, with one record for each respondent. This format is similar to that used by the International Statistics Institute for World Fertility Survey data.

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