The following description of this survey appeared in the 1991 edition of ``Dynamic Database: A Catalogue of Survey Data Files'', Voorburg: International Statistical Institute

Basic Information

  • Name of survey: In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I)
  • Executive agency: State Statistical Bureau
  • Date of fieldwork: 1985
  • Universe: Ever-married women, 15-49
  • Coverage: Municipality, 100%
  • Size: 4143
  • Weights: Self-weighting
  • Contents: Complete pregnancy, marriage and contraceptive histories + socio-economic background and attitudinal data
  • Supplementary surveys: Household members (n = 21,558, self-weighting) Community (n = 64 rural production brigades)


Situated along the coast of the East China Sea, Shanghai Municipality has ten counties in its jurisdiction. It includes the most populous city in China with a population of over 11 million. As the largest industrial base and seaport, Shanghai is not only one of the scientific, technological and educational centres of China but also a megapolis by world standards. The output per capita was about 6000 yuan.