In-Depth Fertility Survey (Phase I)

The three surveys of Phase I were conducted in

Sampling Frame and Interview Procedure

A stratified multi-staged sample design was used, the ultimate area units being neighborhood committees in cities and production teams in rural areas. Within each selected area, systematic selection of households was made from specially prepared lists and all ever-married women aged 15-49 within selected households were eligible for the individual survey.

The household and individual surveys were conducted in a single stage by the same field force of specially trained female interviewers. The household schedule collected demographic characteristics (age, sex, residence, marital status) of each member, together with a few economic and other characteristics of the household. The individual questionnaire contains a complete pregnancy history, with birth weight, length of full and partial breastfeeding, and length of postpartum amenorrhea for each live birth. Additional health data were elicited for the last live birth and pregnancy. A history of contraceptive use was collected for each pregnancy interval, including the reason for stopping the last method used in each interval. Attitudes toward marriage, family size and the one-child certificate were asked.

A community questionnaire was administered at the level of rural production brigades (i.e., the third and penultimate stage in the sample). The questionnaire contains 23 questions on conditions of production, income, public facilities, transportation, education, health care and family planning services.

Data Format

A recode file, similar to the WFS standard recode file, was created from the individual raw data. This file contains matched data from the household and community surveys. In addition, there are a household member file, a community file and a special "event" file created to facilitate the analysis of birth intervals, pregnancy intervals or contraceptive use segments. The household member file and community file are not available at OPR at the present time; the event file is available at OPR but is not distributed on the Internet.

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