Corrections Made to the Hutterite Data

Several data errors have been brought to our attention by users of the data. These have been corrected, as noted:

Record number 5021 (family number 58101) had nonnumeric codes in columns 59-61 of the family record (card type 00). This variable represents the year of the last pregnancy if the last pregnancy was not a live birth. This case has no other information about pregnancies from which the value could be imputed, so we changed the value to blanks in the record.

Records 5931 through 5959 (family number 08305) had a control character (ascii 026) in column 45 (card types 01-09). This column was supposed to be duplicated from the preceding card (card type 00) for all 9 records. We changed the code to "9", which is the value in the previous record for the case.

Records 6272 through 6287 (the last 16 records in the file) were partial cases, which were actually duplicates of records earlier in the file. The earlier occurrences were in the proper places, with the rest of the records for the respective family. We deleted these 16 records.