Course Schedule for Spring 2018

Courses in Population Studies

POP 502/
ECO 572/
SOC 532
Research Methods in Demography001472 Guillot, M. T, 01:00:00-04:00:00 pm
 Wallace Hall 290
POP 509 Survival Analysis (Half-Term). This class will meet from 2/5/2018 to 3/16/2018.009628 Rodriguez, G. M W, 09:00:00-10:30:00 am
 290 Wallace Hall
(Session I)
POP 510 Multilevel Models (Half-Term). This class will meet from 3/26/2018 to 5/4/2018.009629 Rodriguez, G. M W, 09:00:00-10:30:00 am
 290 Wallace Hall
(Session II)
WWS 590C/
SOC 571
Sociological Studies of Inequality(Half -Term). This class will meet from 3/26/2018 to 5/4/2018.010547 Tienda, M. T, 01:30:00-04:30:00 pm
Robertson Hall 010
(Session II)
WWS 594T Topics of Policy Analysis (Half-Term) - International Migration and Public Policy. This class will meet from 2/5/2018 to 3/16/2018.010377 Tienda, M. T, 01:30:00-04:30:00 pm
Robertson Hall 029
(Session I)
WWS 598/
POP 508
Epidemiology009076 Goldman, N. M W, 10:40:00-12:10:00 pm

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Other Courses of Interest

ECO 518 Econometric Theory II001447 Evdokimov, K.
Sims, C.
T Th, 01:00:00-02:30:00 pm
ECO 532 Topics in Labor Economics001457 Krueger, A.
Mas, A.
M W, 02:40:00-04:10:00 pm
ECO 563 Economic Development II001468 Rogerson, R.
Vogl, T.
T Th, 10:40:00-12:10:00 pm
POL 572 Quantitative Analysis II005437 Ratkovic, M. T Th, 09:00:00-10:20:00 am
POL 574 Quantitative Analysis IV011035 Londregan, J. M W, 10:30:00-11:50:00 am
SOC 504 Advanced Social Statistics006473 Salganik, M. T Th, 09:30:00-10:50:00 am
SOC 505 Research Seminar in Empirical Investigation006561 Conley, D. W, 01:30:00-04:30:00 pm
Wallace Hall 165
WWS 508C Econometrics for Policymakers (Advanced)006821 Vogl, T. T Th, 09:00:00-10:30:00 am
Robertson Hall 002
WWS 512C Macroeconomic Analysis for Policymakers (Advanced)006832 Jarosch, G. M W, 10:40:00-12:10:00 pm
Robertson Hall 002
WWS 590B/
POL 598
Politics of Inequality and Redistribution (Half-Term) This class meets from 2/5/2018 to 3/16/2018.010546 Dancygier, R.
Romer, T.
T, 01:30:00-04:30:00 pm
Robertson Hall 010
(Session I)
WWS 594K Topics in Policy Analysis (Half Term) - The Challenges of Human Development. This class meets from 2/5/2018 to 3/16/2018.008581 Hansen, K. F, 09:00:00-12:00:00 pm
Robertson Hall 011
(Session I)

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