Gracie Himmelstein Awarded Charles F. Westoff Prize in Demography for 2022

June 4, 2022

Dr. Gracie Himmelstein has been selected as the recipient of the Charles F. Westoff Prize in Demography for 2022 for her dissertation entitled, “Mechanisms of the Social Production of Population Health Inequality in the United States.” This dissertation is a collection of three empirical papers, each of which examines mechanisms producing inequality in salient health outcomes.


As testimony to the quality and significance of these papers, all have already been published in top-rated journals: JAMA Pediatrics, JAMA Network Open, and the American Journal of Public Health. You may want to see the recent New York Times write-up on one of her papers:


This work was selected from a pool of strong submissions. The selection committee included Tod Hamilton, Arun Hendi, and Jim Raymo