Recent Publications

Alícia Adserà

Family ideals in an era of low fertility(with A. Aassve, P. Chang, L. Mencarini, H. Park, C. Peng, S. Plach, J. Raymo, S. Wang and J. Yeung Wei-Junh), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  2024  Vol. 121  No. 6 

Janet M. Currie

“Rules vs. Discretion: Treatment of Mental Illness in U.S. Adolescents,” The Journal of Political Economy, with Emily Cuddy, forthcoming.

“To What Extent are Trends in Teen Mental Health Driven by Changes in Reporting? The Example of Suicide-Related Hospital Visits,” Journal of Human Resources, with Adriana Corredor-Waldron, forthcoming. 

“The Economics of Child Mental Health: Introducing the Volume,” Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming.

“Doing More with Less: Predicting Primary Care Provider Effectiveness,” forthcoming, The Review of Economics and Statistics, with Jonathan Zhang.

Rafaela Dancygier

"Emigration and Populism," with Sirus Dehdari, David Laitin, Moritz Marbach and Kåre Vernby. Forthcoming at American Journal of Political Science.

Kate Ho

“Targeting of Information Interventions: Impact on SNAP Participation” (With Eduardo Morales). 2024 “U.S. Drug Pricing and Global Pharmaceutical R&D” (With Ariel Pakes). 2024

“Contracting over Rebates: Formulary Design and Pharmaceutical Spending” (With Robin Lee). Econometrica, conditionally accepted, 2024.

Sanyu A. Mojola

David, Ifeolu J., Enid Schatz, Nicole C. Angotti, Tyler W. Myroniuk and Sanyu A. Mojola - “I’m getting life from the treatment”: Perceptions of Living and Dying on Antiretroviral Treatment among Older Medication Adherent Persons Living with HIV in Rural South Africa. Journal of Aging and Social Policy, Forthcoming

Betsy Levy Paluck

Anger at work. Frontiers in Social Psychology, 2. Porat, R. & Paluck, E.L. (2024).

Matt Salganik

Feehan, D.M. and Salgnaik, M.J. (2024) “Validating survey-based estimates of adult mortality with high- quality vital statistics: Evidence from 27 cities.” Under review

Sam Trejo


The Effects of the Flint Water Crisis on the Educational Outcomes of School-Age Children Sam Trejo, Gloria Yeomans-Maldonado, and Brian Jacob. Forthcoming at Science Advances

Exploring the Fetal Origins Hypothesis Using Genetic Data Sam TrejoSocial Forces

Kristopher Velasco

Velasco, Kristopher and Jeffrey Swindle. “Assembling God’s ‘Last Best Hope’: The Expanding Reach of the World Congress of Families.” Mobilization: An International Quarterly. Data. Preprint

Hoffmann, Nathan I.,* and Kristopher Velasco. “Sexuality, Migration, and LGB Policy: A Portrait of Immigrants in Same-Sex Couples in the United States.” International Migration Review. Replication Package. Preprint

Hoffmann, Nathan I.,* and Kristopher Velasco. “Political Dimensions of Rising Mixed-Citizenship, Same-Sex Couples: A Difference-in-Differences-in-Differences Analysis.” Social Forces
102(3): 1134-1156. Replication Package. Preprint

Han Choi

Choi H, Bauhoff S. Impact of the influx of Syrian refugees on domestic violence against Jordanian women: Evidence from the 2017-18 Jordan Population and Family Health Survey. PLoS One. 2023;18(11):e0288144. Published 2023 Nov 8. 

Choi, Han, Amr S Soliman, Randa Al Mousa, Jennifer Yeh, Jamal Khader, Iyad Sultan, Ahmad Kh Ibrahimi, Health-related quality of life of pediatric brain tumor survivors after treatment in Jordan, Neuro-Oncology Practice, 2023;, npad054