Prospective Ph.D. Students

This page provides basic information for prospective students in the form of answers to frequently asked questions. The answers often include links to other sections in this website, where you can find more detailed information. If you have additional questions, write us using the contact information given at the bottom of this page.

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OPR Information

The Office of Population Research, founded in 1936, is the demographic research and graduate training center at Princeton University. Housed in Wallace Hall, a facility dedicated to the social sciences, OPR brings together faculty and students with broad interests in population. Read more.

Degree Programs Available

Students at Princeton can apply to the Program in Population Studies (PIPS) or they can pursue a specialization in Demography as part of their doctoral studies in Economics, Sociology, or Politics. Within PIPS there are two options: 1) Ph.D. in Demography (PIPS) and 2) Ph.D. in Demography and Social Policy (JDP).

There is also a one-year Certificate in Demography. Certificate applicants are usually (but not exclusively) enrolled MPA students in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

Demography Faculty

OPR associates hold faculty positions in the Departments of Economics, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. The faculty entry under People on the menu at the top takes you to a list of all OPR associates with a brief description of their main interests. That list, in turn, has links to individual faculty member web pages, so you can learn a bit more about them.

OPR Graduate Students

OPR students are enrolled in the Program in Population Studies or in the Departments of Economics, Politics, and Sociology. The students entry under People on the menus at the top takes you to a list of all currently enrolled OPR students with a brief description of their main interests.

Current Topics of Research

OPR faculty associates have broad interests that extend far beyond conventional topics in population analysis, including poverty and child wellbeing, aging and health, population and the environment, family structure, and migration and development. The projects entry under Research on the menubar will take you to a description of recent research projects organized by subject. This information is also available in the OPR Annual Report.

Quantitative Training

Courses in calculus and statistics are definitely recommended. In addition, we strongly recommend that all admitted students attend a three-week math camp and a concurrent demography camp prior to the start of the fall semester.

Applying for Graduate Program

There is one application for admission to the Graduate School of Princeton University, which provides several routes for students interested in population studies. For a complete description of the process, including a link to the application form, visit our application page.

Applying for Funding

Yes, all graduate students at the Office of Population Research receive funding, which covers tuition and living expenses. Students who desire to work as teaching or research assistants are encouraged to do so. All students are required to teach as part of their departmental obligations. For more information, see our application page.

Career Paths of OPR Graduates

OPR students choose a variety of career paths after graduation, primarily academic positions (as postdoctoral fellows or junior faculty) or research positions in non-profit organizations, the government, or foundations. Read more.

Information on Visiting OPR

Applicants are encouraged to visit the OPR Training website to find out more about the program, the people, the resources, and to contact the program administrator. Students are welcome to visit after notification of admission in late winter/early spring, before final acceptance decisions must be made. More information is available on the application page.

Contact Information

Lynne Johnson
Graduate Administrator
Office of Population Research
Princeton, NJ 08544
(609)258-5866 (tel)
(609)258-1039 (fax)

Alícia Adserà
Director of Graduate Studies
Office of Population Research
Princeton, NJ 08544