Visiting Scholars

  • Brooks-Gunn photo Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
    Visiting Research Collaborator
    Ph.D. Human Learning and Development
    University of Pennsylvania, 1975.
    Interests: child development, child wellbeing, parenting, education, poverty.

  • Constant photo Amelie Constant
    Visiting Research Scholar
    Ph.D. Economics
    Vanderbilt University, 1998.
    Interests: migration, population, labor economics, wellbeing, identity.

  • Jagannathan photo Radha Jagannathan
    Visiting Research Collaborator
    Ph.D. Public Affairs
    Princeton University, 1999.
    Interests: poverty, child welfare, human capital development, school-to-work transition.

  • Milewski photo Nadja Milewski
    Visiting Research Collaborator, Population Research
    Ph.D. Demography
    University of Rostock, 2009.
    Interests: migration and integration.

  • Nagata photo Yukiko Nagata
    Visiting Student Research Collaborator
    M.A. Global Studies
    University of Tokyo, Japan, 2015.
    Interests: high-skill Mexican Migration to the U.S.A. and its Transnational Movements.

  • T√łnnessen photo Marianne T√łnnessen
    Visiting Student Research Collaborator
    Ph.D. Economics
    University of Oslo, Norway, 2010.
    Interests: migration, demographic consequences of migration, population projections.