Visiting Scholars

  • Brooks-Gunn photo Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
    Visiting Research Collaborator
    Ph.D. Human Learning and Development
    University of Pennsylvania, 1975.
    Interests: child development, child wellbeing, parenting, education, and poverty.

  • Constant photo Amelie Constant
    Visiting Research Scholar
    Ph.D. Economics
    Vanderbilt University, 1998.
    Interests: migration, population, labor economics, wellbeing, and identity.

  • Jagannathan photo Radha Jagannathan
    Visiting Research Collaborator
    Ph.D. Public Affairs
    Princeton University, 1999.
    Interests: poverty, child welfare, human capital development, and school-to-work transition.

  • McGagh photo Dylan M. McGagh
    Visiting Student Research Collaborator, William Alexander Fleet Fellowship
    BSc Human Health and Disease
    Trinity College, Dublin, 2016.
    Interests: Dylan has completed three years of his medical degree, University of Oxford, where he is a student at Magdalen College. He is has been awarded the William Alexander Fleet Fellowship. He has previous laboratory experience in immunology, exploring the inflammatory mechanisms of osteoarthritis. He has carried his interest in inflammatory conditions to medical school and is interested in rheumatology as a specialty. Dylan has an interest in the impact of living with chronic disease from a patient's perspective and surveying this through patient-reported outcome tools and novel accelerometer-based methods. Additionally, he is interested in health policy and leadership, along with the capacity for digital technology to transform the structure and delivery of healthcare. While at Princeton, he wants to gain a greater insight into big-data and machine learning approaches in the context of health, disease, and wellbeing.